things i should’ve blogged about

hello and welcome to another exciting edition of “ed forgot he had a blog!”
here is a quick look at some of the things i should’ve posted about…


i finished the comic i sort of half mentioned here and here. it’s available from scratch that records and in orbital comics and i think it’s doing quite well. spread the word!
also…if you’ve already bought a copy it’d be great to hear from you. it’d be good to find out where they’re going and what you guys make of it :D


i’m doing a series of videos on the subject for an initiative called Start Empathy. it’s about 3 videos in at the moment and another 5 to go. they come out every other friday and you can watch them on the Start Empathy website, or in this handy playlist..


i had to round them up and chase them out. it felt like an episode of Postman Pat.


it took me a year to forget how much making an animated music video takes over your life, and i was lulled into doing this for the wonderful Laura Zax and The Nighttime Adventure Society. (click the picture to watch the video) i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and it was actually kinda nice to be doing something like this again.

i didn’t really do anything more than watch the adam’s family this year…but here’s a scary picture i drew anyway..

there’s more than likely a whole bunch of stuff that i’ve missed out here and there’s some other things i’m working on right now that i’ll hopefully remember to blog about soon..


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One Response to things i should’ve blogged about

  1. Oh god, watching The Adam’s Family! That is brilliant. I should to that again ^.^
    I looove the Start Empathy videos. They make me smile a lot and I think you’re doing a wonderful job. They all turned out rather beautiful <3

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