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there will be blood

a group of us in uni are now collectively known as The Electric Moustache… if you liked this you should follow this link ( )back to youtube and watch it again…and comment and rate and send it to your … Continue reading

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I’ve been fiddling around with the story for metamorphosis for a while. mainly cause it’s felt like there was no story. so I’ve been shifting everything around and remolding it into something completely different. I think it’s there now. there’s … Continue reading

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…I forgot I had a blog.

it’s gonna take me a while I think to get used to remembering to use this thing. on windy days the world looks woolier that usual. this is a sign that my hair needs cutting (I’m slowly turning into a … Continue reading

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[press start]

ok, so I thought it’d be cool to start doing a blog. a lot of the things I do take a while to make and sometimes the process of making them can be just as awesome as the end result. … Continue reading

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