…I forgot I had a blog.

it’s gonna take me a while I think to get used to remembering to use this thing.
on windy days the world looks woolier that usual. this is a sign that my hair needs cutting (I’m slowly turning into a wookie).

I’ve got a small amount of those that run part 2 finished. I have the opening and a little of the animation sorted. the animation on this is different from how the other one turned out. I just felt like I needed a bit of a change from that who awful lot of running look.
Charley, who is the runner/narrator dude in this part has (because he lives a train away) sent me a recording of a first take of the narration. I was a little unsure of the script when I sent it to him and I’m even less happy with it now that I’ve heard it out loud. so perhaps a rewrite is in order…sigh.

however, work on this video is pretty much on hold for a bit because my uni course has set us the task of performing a musical based on there will be blood with the music of  queen on tuesday night….so that’s kinda keeping me occupied; learning lines, learning songs, rehearsals and general panic. 100% of the money raised by the musical goes to the charity http://www.everythingbutthekitchensink.co.uk/ which you should check out. and in addition to this performance task we have to raise £1300 for this charity…so if you could give any donations this would be fantastic. just follow the link there, click on How Can You Help? and donate using the widget on the side. If when you donate you could mention that this is sponsor money for the musical (so that we can work out how much our class has raised), that would be smashing.
I’m sure there will be pictures so if you do donate anything I will probably put some up to show you guys. think glam rock sparkle and epic moustaches.

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One Response to …I forgot I had a blog.

  1. Hila says:

    Oh my god that’s Chaz.. 😀

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