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those that standstill…

I’ve been pretty indecisive about pretty much every element of making this second part to Those that Run. now I find myself unhappy with what I’ve animated thus far. I’m not amazingly pleased with the story and I don’t think … Continue reading

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tom the devil

as you get the train into Colchester there’s a sign that says “Welcome to Colchester: Home of Colchester Zoo” these are a couple of stills from some animation I did for a video a couple of us did on our … Continue reading

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march 8

if you have a lot of worries or problems wrapped round your mind, I recommend having your hair cut too short. it becomes the only thing you will think about until it grows back. “Oh the trees were all leafless, … Continue reading

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1/12 x a 2nd.

i really like this frame. when it’s played together with the rest of the images it goes pretty much unnoticed. i just wanted to give it a space to linger for a while.

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