those that standstill…

I’ve been pretty indecisive about pretty much every element of making this second part to Those that Run. now I find myself unhappy with what I’ve animated thus far. I’m not amazingly pleased with the story and I don’t think it needs this amount of time and effort put into it. the longer I leave it, the more will be expected of it I think….so right now I think my current thought is to not continue with the trilogy.

at least not as a video…I might do the next 2 parts in the form of a comic (and I might put the quarter finished video up on the tubes).
I dunno. I’d like to know your thoughts. I know not many people read this…but if you have (and you know what I’m talking about (or even if you don’t)), I’d really appreciate if you could leave a comment with your 2 cents on this.

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5 Responses to those that standstill…

  1. Peter says:

    Hey Ed! I’ve been lurking on your interwebs for a while now–I think you’re really talented. My 2 cents? Don’t pigeon-hole yourself. Let the project be what it’s going to be. If it’s not working in it’s current format, trying to force it will result in a sub par product. If you’re unhappy with where it is, a shift in thinking sounds like a great idea. Perhaps you can story board a few comic ideas and see if you can get excited about that.

    At any rate, keep up the good work!

  2. Sam says:

    Completely agree with Peter

  3. smilenose says:

    I also agree with peter 😀

  4. Ed, can I call you Ed ? – would be silly to call you Dave I guess…I digress….

    Any project is like having a child…. the pain involved is much more existential… but you always end up with something entirely different to what you imagined you would get at the start. If this wasn’t true, it would be perhaps boring for you as an artist, to know exactly in advance precisely how everything was going to turn out.

    Planning is good, but there’s a lot to be said for being swept along in the creative process and seeing where it takes you. Go wherever your mood, or muse takes you, and get there anyway you feel is right for the piece at that time. I think whatever you produce will be fantastic, inventive and very interesting to see. Just enjoy it !

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