magic portal troll

about a week ago I discovered an amazing lego animation by Lindsay Fleay called the magic portal. you should totally check it out:
I noticed that a recent comment had been made by some hater saying how they thought the video was boring. I don’t usually do this but I decided to hit reply.

okay, so excuse the typo in ‘world’…and maybe the “I’m so glad I’m not you” part was a bit harsh, but I think I made an admiral attempt at standing up for films that have more on their agenda than making people gawp at explosions (just to cover myself: I’m not anti-action films cause they can be sweet….but I’m just anti-anti-films that aren’t action…if that makes sense). But aparently that wasn’t the end of the matter.

I went to watch part of the video again last night and noticed that the guy had commented again. not as a reply but I think he meant it as one.

then this morning I noticed he’d also posted a comment on my channel.

naturally, I thought it best to comment back.

I know he’s just a classic youtube hater. he’s probably some mentally, sexually and romantically fustrated 12 year old who hasn’t yet found his place in the world. but, you know…aren’t we all? and I know he’s probably not gonna read what I wrote…or he’s gonna read it wrong, and he’s probably just gonna come back with a “yeah? well your gay” or “I wish you were dead” or “ur mom” depending on how angry he is, or what the weather’s like, or what he had for dinner, or whatever.
but I don’t think I get it. it’s not like these haters are made to feel better about themselves for belittling other peoples stuff, cause all hating does is anger people into writing hateful comments back. surely that makes you feel worse…

I think there’s this fantasticly creative community on the internet that has grown and blossomed and sparked a new punk age of human expression. when I look at youtube and stuff I just think it’s awesome how there are so many different people sharing different things; from google image based, homemade weird al music videos, to daily vlogs, to dogs riding on the back of turtles…it’s incredible! for me personally, it makes me feel really lucky to be part of it all.
but what annoys me is there’s this small group of people that don’t appreciate this. as I said, I think everyone’s entitled to an opinion and to express that opinion, but you get enough people to say they hate someone and their work, and maybe that someone will stop sharing their work. and if enough people stop sharing then you lose what makes this whole thing as awesome as it is.
and if there’s no youtube videos…who are these people gonna hate on? it’s like going “I’m so smart at computers, I’m going to make a virus to make them all explode!” and then realising that now there’s no computers…they’ve kinda wasted their life.

superman can’t kill lex luther, cause then he’d have nothing to do.

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