boxcar blooood

so i’ve been working pretty flat out on this music video for a song by Alan Lastufka and Luke Conard. the song is BOXCAR BLOOD which is from they’re new album ERASE THIS.
i did a video for Alan last year called Can’t for the release of his EP with Tom Milsom (watch it here), and this video basically takes off from where can’t left off……kind of.

the style is pretty much the same as in can’t…though the characters are now people rather than puppets. there’s also more black lines which I put in cause Alan had told me the song was partly inspired by a webcomic called FREEWHEEL….so it was kind of a nod to that.

anyway, here’s the video…hope you like it:

if you wanna see the video on Alan’s channel (it has extra fancy train noises at the end woo!) go to this:

Oh…if you’re a DFTBA fan and stuff there are a lot of references to other videos and other DFTBA things in this video. I did a quick count and I got 35…see how many you can find!

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2 Responses to boxcar blooood

  1. Katherine says:

    Just wanted to say I think you are extremely talented and never give up on it unless you get bad then maybe sloe down but your not bad rest assures. I don’t know you so yay for impartialness.

  2. Adina says:

    Nice video. The movement of the train flows great with the music. 🙂

    and I like the DFTBA hiding on the back of the train. 😀

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