when you read an update, are you downdating?

okay…this is a very late update:

  • Those that Run part 2 is now in comic form and is available to read here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rocketstockham/sets/72157624017220623/
  • the other day I was surprised to find that CABEZADAFLECHA subscribed to my youtube channel. he also apologised to me and wrote a thing on his own youtube page saying how he is sorry for all the hating he’s been doing. I guess words are more powerful than I realised… (WTF?)
  • thinking of cool stuff I could do this summer…any suggestions?
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3 Responses to when you read an update, are you downdating?

  1. smilenose says:

    I love those that run past 2 😀
    The fish is my favorite.

  2. Katherine says:

    This summer I have many things planned please feel free to use any of these.
    1.learn to play another instrument
    2.learn to juggle
    3.Make the ultimate doctor who collage complete with pictures of me and my friends at the tardis.
    4. Meet at least one band and/or singer
    5.Read the final harry potter
    6.I plan on making a short film
    7. get to know an old friend once more
    8. Get my camera fixed!(actually this should be first on the list)
    9. Make an immense fort complete with boxes, blankets and chairs.
    10. Discover at least 3 new amazing bands.
    So my ten summer things to do hope it helped.

  3. Adina says:

    Nice to hear that CABEZADAFLECHA came to his senses 🙂

    Cool Stuff during the summer
    *Go somewhere you have never been before and explore.
    *Try to learn a new Art medium……I give screen printing a go two years ago during the summer….now it’s one of my favorite mediums….:)
    *write a feature length screenplay or novel
    *pick a spot somewhere public and people watch….:) this can be inspiring…..
    During the summer I also catch up on any TV shows/movies/books I’ve missed because of school….

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