better late than never, i guess….

okay, so just pretend that it’s the end of June/start of July sometimes and that I’m a good blogger who doesn’t forget to post things until it’s 2 months too late. *ahem*

maybe you saw my video of things I would do if I was giant:
well, when the guggenheim/youtube play thing appeared, I thought I’d give it ago and enter that video…and it asked for an accompanying text description thing to go with it….I thought I’d share what I wrote for it…

Year of production: 2010
Okay, so I’ll get round to the intention of this video in a minute. First I’m going to have to arse kiss the internet for a bit. The internet is amazing; like super-brilliant. It’s full of pictures and stories and thoughts and dreams and ideas and music, and pretty much anything else that’s humanly possible to express. It’s essentially millions of people screaming from metaphorical rooftops all over the planet; just letting millions of other people know they are alive! Personally, I think that’s fantastically exciting and inspiring and a whole bunch of other words ending in ing.
Writing, filming, drawing, dreaming, making and that’s the point. Internet stuff is not like other media stuff; it makes you want (and encourages you) to go out there and give it a go yourself, because why not? What’s to stop you?
Youtube is an awesome example of this. And, the impossible number of user-generated videos being uploaded aside, the Tubes has such an incredible diversity of content. From Vloggers talking about their day, to Google Image based music videos, to songs, to skits, to dogs riding on the back of turtles. There is a video for every audience and an audience for every video. Thanks to the internet anyone can be big in Japan. Anyone can be big anywhere.
My video is about all the things I could do if I were not only big….but GIANT.

You know, I could now go on and say how it was my intention to make the video seem all D.I.Y and amateur by giving it that scrapbook look, with visible strings, obvious cardboard models, bad grammar, dodgy animation, shaky speeded up footage and homemade sound effects. And that this was done to make a statement or something about how you don’t need a budget, or need to be perfect or professional looking to make something cool – you should just do it.
But honestly, I just made it that way and gave it that style because that’s just how it turned out. My true intention was to have a load of fun making a silly little video, and to share that fun with anyone who cares to watch it.
What my video is as well, I guess, is a conversation opener. I directly address the camera whilst sitting at my computer at the end because, like other vloggers, I want to give across the feeling of chatting to the person watching the video. I want them to realise it’s a two-way thing. Anyone who has been involved in Youtube knows that the video production is only the beginning. It’s what happens after you’ve uploaded that’s the really important part. It’s the comments and debates and video responses that make a Youtube video really what it is.
Really, this is all just rambling. If you want an appropriate piece of text to accompany this video, you need only this one sentence:

What would you do if you were giant?

then i found out that when it says “1,000” it means character limit.
anyway, here are some images from some scenes that I left out from the video (and a closer look at my mini dalek poster for good measure : )

P.S…I’m going to be at the Summer in the City Gathering this weekend. : D see you there?

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2 Responses to better late than never, i guess….

  1. Adina says:

    That was a great thing to say about the internet. I couldn’t help but nod in agreement while reading it. Your words are making me consider trying the you-tube thing again….

    Personally, I love how the internet helps me find people like myself. People who are completely alive and doing brilliant things with their time…….

    A lot of the people I know tend to stay in the zombie state….I don’t want to be a zombie…

    Very cool mini Dalek poster :D……Doctor Who was brilliant this season….I hope Stephen Moffat keeps it up!

    I wish I could go to the Summer in the City gathering, it sounds fun…..But living far away (California) could be a bit of a problem….. :/

  2. Rach says:

    Awesome analysis. I’d love to try and do something more creative like what you do, but Uni and other things get in the way. On the other hand, they help. (I’m studying Media Studies and Media Production) Loving the Dalek pic, luckily one of my modules this year is Sci-fi so I might get to write about Doctor Who!

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