a method of madness

okay okay okay
so a running theme in my work is how i set out to do something, have the whole thing planned out in my head about how amazing it’s gonna be, then try doing it and i get frustrated on how it turns out crap and so i either give up or turn it into something completely different.
example 1 – those that run part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKylw_BqpiM
example 2 – my summer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htFa7S-FmXY

(here are some screen shots from some of the edits i did trying to make the summer thing work: )

but yeah, anyway, i think my main problem, especially with these two examples, is the method in which i set about to do them. with videos (and other stuff) that work, i think the key has always been not to approach them with too much of a plan. in the past i’ve set out making things with maybe a single image, or an idea of a style, or a sentence, or feeling, or piece of music, or just some spark of inspiration…and then that’s like a starting pistol, and from there you just start running until it’s finished.
that, for me, is a better way of making. it’s a process that feels more raw and expressive (and organic…but not the expensive kind of organic) and it produces something that is much more genuine and has a certain energy in it.

i feel i’ve kind of strayed off that path recently though. i’ve been thinking too much about what i’m doing…planning too much in advance. spending too long on stuff, swirling it round and round in the juices in my brain until it’s hard to know whether it’s floating or sinking.

so yeah, i reckon it’s time to get out of this rut. i’m gonna come at a few things fresh…wipe a few things clean….and start some completely new things. the timing just seems right.

here are some things that i’ve found inspiring recently: youtube gatherings, catcher in the rye, the illusionist (sylvain chomet), at a stop in st. regis (drew danburry), http://www.flickr.com/photos/23184972@N02/4474876947, the singing tree (jeffrey lewis), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RcjpsaBqz0, http://boohooboo.tumblr.com , the scott pilgrim books, your comments….

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2 Responses to a method of madness

  1. Adina Cohen says:

    I have sort of the same problem. I sometimes set my expectations to high for things so when my projects are finished they aren’t always as good as I wanted them to be….

    or I stay safe and create a plan that is easy to complete and always the work ends up boring…..

    I agree with the raw technique….and have sometimes actually managed to do it…..It’s hard for me not to plan…..When I’ve got a tiny idea (and have not butchered it in blueprints) I also like let it go and watch it explode with energy……but that’s only happened a little…:/…..I hope to try this more often….

    I personally think it’s important to have some sort of a deadline. At least for me, when I don’t have one I end up not doing anything…..

    Whenever I start to get lost in my mind, I think of the poem “A Fire Truck” by Richard Wilbur. Sometimes when one gets stuck inside the depths of their mind they need something in order to pull themselves back into reality. So they could realize that one cannot live inside of the head…. life is an experience not just a brain teaser….

    So I guess your on the right track with less thinking and more doing…. :D!

    Good luck on starting fresh…..
    Very interesting inspirations by the way 🙂

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