behind the cat people

i did a video for dave from blueskies recently…and i just wanted to share some “making of” style bonus junk with you.
choosing a song from the album to do was haard…here’s my shortlist (click to enlarge and all that jazz):

i guess living with my brother’s team of cats made me realise that if i was gonna do a video about attention seeking…it would have to involve characters of the feline persuasion. i drew this on the back of a receipt:

the animation was pretty much how i do all my animated stuff and i’ve already made a video about that. even though i do everything digitally on the computer, i always use a notebook to jot down notes and numbers and to scribble quick frames and storyboards and stuff as i’m going along. here are some pages i think look kinda cool (yes…i have a youtube notebook):

when i’m drawing…sometimes if i’m not sure something will work i’ll do a quick test with the outline drawings….it’s kind of an equivalent to a pencil/video test i guess…here’s a couple of frames from some of those if you’re interested:

yay! behind the scenes! woo!

i know it might seem like i’m just saying this because i made a video for him, but i genuinely love Dave’s music. i really think this album is incredible….plus it comes with a bunch of badges and stickers and stuff!!!!
so if you want a copy then go here for the physical – or here for the digital –

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