sexame street

so earlier this year i did the intro for series 3 of the great CheekTV….and recently Gary asked me to do a new intro for series 4.
here are some sketches:

you might have noticed that recently i’ve been doing a lot of videos for other people/finishing off old projects and things…
when i first started making videos i was making them a lot more regularly and there was a lot more variety in what i did (500 subs video)…so i kinda want to get back to doing that.
i’m still working on things for other people as well…cause i like doing that…but i just wanna mix it with regular stuff of my own for a while.

i keep a notebook which i write things in sometimes. i was thinking of sharing some these things in either a video form (where i just basically read it)…or a tumblr perhaps…or even just stick them up here. i dunno. would anyone be interested in that?
i’ve been thinking about maybe doing a daily vlog for a few days as well….i’m not sure though.
I know there is a direction i’d like to go in….i’m just having a little trouble committing to a road. :/
i’d appreciate any kind of feedback….

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3 Responses to sexame street

  1. Blue Skies says:

    I’d like to see your notebook… I love looking at people’s notebooks! Think it’d be best as pictures, so on here or tumblr. 🙂

  2. Adina Cohen says:

    Seeing your notebook would be interesting. 🙂

    A video blog would be cool…if it doesn’t take up a lot of time to make.

    I’ve tried…..but ended up never finding time….or things to talk about everyday…

  3. deena says:

    I think you should do some video blogs … you’ve got great charisma, despite the awkwardness – or maybe because of it xD Its very fun to watch.

    Not to mention, your video blog on how you animate yourself was the most useful thing I’ve seen in months … I honestly owe you a ton because I’m animating myself now … not great (could show you … Stick Man Eats Cookie, rather sensational >_>), but I’m getting there, and it’s the coolest thing I’ve done in ages. Even though the frame-by-frame thing is tedious, its just so satisfying and I cannot thank you enough …

    Just wanted to put that in xD Also, your animations are truly brilliant, mainly because you just make them yourself. Its so bleeping inspirational.

    Thank you!

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