i think this video was filmed in spring 2009….it could be older.

i miss this.
pk was incredibly important to me. i call it pk rather than parkour or freerunning cause i feel there is far too much stigma attached to those words. parkour conjures up images of jumping from rooftop to rooftop and freerunning makes people think you can do flips.
pk, for me, is nothing like that though. it’s about keeping your inner child alive and seeing the world as a playground. it’s about climbing trees and jumping on rocks. it’s about hanging out in town with your mates for a day; moving from spot to spot and playing around in whatever environment you find yourself in. it’s about setting yourselves seemingly impossible goals and taking turns in trying and trying…and not stopping until everyone’s done it. it’s about feeling like you’re something natural like water or the wind. it’s about seeing the world sideways. it’s about watching people. it’s about shutting off your mind and painting over the scribbles it makes. it’s what it feels like to move.
it’s simple. it’s beautiful. i love it. and i miss it.

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3 Responses to pk

  1. Adina Cohen says:

    That was a very inspiring read thank you 🙂

    After final’s are over I definitely need to go do something like this…..Sitting at my desk everyday is starting to make me feel a little dead.

  2. Rabia Shahab says:

    I’ve never heard of parkour before, but it sounds like a wonderful thing to live by. Thanks for the insight 🙂

  3. katerian says:

    Then why did you stop in the first place? It seems really addictive the way you describe it.

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