*blows off the thin layer of dust that has collected on the top of this blog*

so i was just on the internet and i saw this:

and was like “do i?”

so yeah…it’s been a while.

incidentally, the website that’s from is the mighty www.benjamincook.net which is the sparkly new internet home of (surprisingly) Benjamin Cook. it’s was built by the great wizard Jon Ginn. you should have a look.
Ben asked me to do the banner for it which was cool…and i thought i’d share some of the process of drawing it.

so this is a mock up banner that Ben made to show me loosely the sort of thing he wanted. i kinda wish i’d kept the dragon in the final thing..

he mentioned that he wanted to have a homely feel to the site, so i got him to make up a list of a bunch of his favourite things, and from that i did a little sketch

based on the sketch i then did a more detailed pencil drawing…

…then took a photo of it and inked it on the computer…

…then added a bit of colour and sent it to Ben.

who asked me if it was cool to add in another person at the door and to put something interesting to fill space on the left of the picture. so…

and that’s it!

drawing is fun. (:

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3 Responses to *blows off the thin layer of dust that has collected on the top of this blog*

  1. Kellie says:

    great job!
    I recently saw your youtube video on how you animate and stuff and wanted to know if you digitized this using a wacom tablet? i might get one myself.

  2. reader says:

    Tino and Tom in the doorway (:

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