so i got tagged in a list game thing by Rebeca who makes this: http://stellarquake.blogspot.com/
basically it asks you to make 10 lists of a descending number on an array of categories. i was going to make little postcard type things for each one. i managed about 5 before looking back at them and deciding i want to change my mind on a lot the things i’d chosen. and i found myself stressing out over what to choose to put on the remaining lists. almost as if my life depended on it. as if i was being shipped away in the morning and these lists were to determine the only things i could take with me. as if the favourite song i choose will be the only song i’ll be allowed to listen to for the rest of my life. as if my heart can never be won by anything other than the 6 things i choose…right here…right now. so much pressure. and.. at the point where i found myself at my desk hooked into google, checking old notebooks and sketchpads, surrounded by lists and graphs and charts, trying to work out which 4 specific smells manage to best represent the broad spectrum of a variety of the world’s odours, whilst still maintaining a unique charm that would have me wanting to pick them over any other smell in the universe, ..i took a step back and figured this whole thing probably wasn’t worth the hassle and i stopped.

i don’t mind sharing one of the lists i did, but the rest i can’t do. sorry.

i’ve never really been tagged in a thing like this before…
i’m not exactly sure i’d like to again.

but thank you anyway (:

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