2nd year

just uploaded a couple of the films i made in university this year to the course’s much neglected youtube channel…and i thought i may as well share them here for anyone who’s interested..

the brief here was to do a film on the city of newport…i’m not sure what happened. made this with my friend josh..

this one was just an “exercise in observational documentary”…i think it was supposed to be on people…but whatever…. made with my other friend robbie ….and josh again

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One Response to 2nd year

  1. Idan says:

    lol, are you always doing your videos late?
    instead of documanting people – you documanted squirrels
    instead of documenting Newport – you documented people.
    So I geuss your next one should have been about animals but you made it about Newport?

    Your documanteries are very good.
    Why won’t you upload them to youtube..?

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