facing the world

so it was almost a year ago i discovered this meme and gave it ago:
and inevitably i ended up missing out SO many influences.

so i wanted to do it again.
this time i was looking back and trying to think of some the people who, i guess in a way, i’ve wanted to be (or at least partially be) throughout my life. and, because this was the focus, i ended up not so much making an influence map as an influence face..

as with before…points awarded to anyone who can correctly guess any of these influences (include a grid reference with your answers please. use an HB pencil only). anyone who can name them ALL correctly will win the title of SUPER KING/QUEEN forever!

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6 Responses to facing the world

  1. Blue Skies says:

    Got to be Jeff Lewis’ teeth!

  2. molly says:

    Jeffrey Lewis’ teeth is the only one I definitley know, but 4 along and 4 down I would say Roald Dahl, and 5 across and 3 down looks like Dave Gormans ear.
    (now I’m just geussing, but top left reminds me of Vincent Malloy, to the right of that David Tennant’s hair, and bottom left, possibly Don Hertzfeldt’s shoulder?) that was fun. 🙂

  3. edstockham says:

    woah! bang on with Dahl, Gorman and Jeffrey Lewis. Don Hertzfeldt is on there but it’s not his shoulder… 35pts!

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