i really like drawing portraits from photographs…but i never manage to get them right. i either squash the face up too much or stretch it out and make them look diseased or malnourished.
i’m thinking of maybe collecting these pictures together and doing a book called portraits of people that don’t quite look like the people.

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6 Responses to distortraits

  1. evie (: says:

    I think they all look really good, but that book would be an awesome idea (‘:

  2. Adina Cohen says:

    I also like drawing people faces from photo’s……whoot

  3. fm014 says:

    Hm… actually I’d like to say that I have no time to draw much, but it would just sound like an excuse.
    Another aspect is that I’d love to connect paper drawings more with digital tools. It’s easier for me to use a real pen for scribbles than it is to optimize/enhance my work with a vector tool like inkscape. (I avoid PhotoShop because of its complexity) It’s also not that easy to start a drawing on a digital surface (or I need more practise… which means more time).
    So… where was I?
    Oh yes, I like drawing. You do that well. And I’ll try to schedule some “creative times” for the future. 🙂

  4. Sophie says:

    You are so COOL! I’m thirteen and love to draw cartoons, but I’m not very good.. It’s awesome that you invested your time and took the risk. One thing I worry about is finance (and competition!!) /Your newest fan, Sophie

  5. Sophie says:

    Oh, and by the way! Sounds like a terrific idea – the portraits are great, alot more arty and nice than realistic portraits! Especially if there’s already a photo, you make the picture a lot more intresting if it’s your own.. Gosh I’m impressed!

  6. Dear Ed,

    You are a very talented artist, these pictures are amazing! I like the hipster dude with the beard the best.

    Hudson x

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