maybe it’s just brain crack but i this is something i wanna do.
i want to head out. start at the lascaux cave paintings in france and end with universal studios in america and i want to see what happens in between. i want to see the sistine chapel and the van gogh museum, the pyramids and the street art of brasil. and i want to meet people and eat pancakes and discover bands that sing in different languages. and i want to travel with friends and strangers and people who aren’t quite either yet.
and i want to video it, and draw it, and write about it and play it on a guitar…so later i can remember it and share it with anyone curious enough to take an interest.

i think that’s something that would be worth doing.
…and…erm…if you think so too and you happen to have a ton of money lying around that could fund it…you know……

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7 Responses to 1:09am

  1. As a fellow artist I was I had the funds to send you off on a curious-filled-adventure-spanning-the-globe, just to see how the experience shows in your work. I went to France last summer, then traveled across the U.S.A. It was exhausting, fun, educational, (gasp!) and well worth it. I’m still using it all in my art. I hope that gazzilionair shows up for you.

  2. Adina Cohen says:

    I also want to do this :)…..But I still have a year left of school :/

    I say go for it! As for coming up with funds I don’t have much myself but if you pass by Northern California on your trip I know the area 😀 so I could be of some help….I think….

  3. Dave says:

    I would like to come please.

  4. Sarah says:

    Apart from the lack of money, what’s stopping you? I’m afraid I am not a millionaire, but my ‘pointing-out-the-obvious’ advice would be just to savesavesave. Slugging it out in a part-time job is much more manageable when you have a goal at the end rather than just thinking “God, is that me stuck here?”. Save your pennies, buy yourself a ticket + don’t forget your camera + your sketchpad. =] …or I could just make you pancakes? Ha.

  5. Emily says:

    Everything about this is ridiculously perfect. And there are probably so many ways to travel on the cheap a la On the Road.

  6. Prugs says:

    Okay so here is the plan. We will go in 3 years when I have finished my undergraduate degree and have the money. I already have quite a bit saved but we still need more. Until then you keep working on your masterpieces and selling them and BAZINGA! we are there 🙂 Plus that gives us time to plan and make contacts and stuff so we have the best time possible 😀

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