cyber dog knight

cyber dog knight

coloured the cyber dog knight from the 24 hour comic i did at stickaid last year.

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end of chapter 6

i’ve not yet got all my marks back or the piece of paper that shows i’ve done it, but for all intensive purposes, university for me is over. there are no more classes, no more work associated with my degree and pretty much no reason to ever go back to newport again. it’s all kinda strange.
this is the grad film we’ve been working on and stressing over for the last 2 or 3 months: FINDING FUZZWALD.

there’s a chapter in ‘the motorcycle diaries’ where Alberto sees the ocean for the first time and he just sort of stands in awe looking out at it, and imagines it to be this big expanse of an infinite amount of pathways leading to any number of possibilities and adventures around the world. finishing uni has left me in a similar state of awe i think.
it’s pretty much the first time i’ve been out in the ‘real world’; not guided by any sort of system. i mean, i had a sort of gap year before i went to uni, where i was ‘out there’…but i always had the knowing that in the september i would be back in education. it was more like crossing a river in that respects.
but yeah, the ocean is big and scary, but it’s actually quite exciting to think about. i don’t really have any solid plans of what to do, and no real idea of what happens next. so i guess i’ll just be riding waves for a while.

extra: i think i need a website…so i guess i’m working on that.

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i’m not sure what this is

here’s a thing i’ve been drawing a lot of recently. it’s a real relaxing thing to draw for some reason. (click the pictures to see them big)

it’ll probably make it’s way into a comic at some point when it’s grown enough and i’ve figured out what it is.

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bocket rox

i haven’t mentioned it on this blog before but if you follow me on anything else you’ll probably know by now i have a comic book and ep out on scratch that records. you can buy it here ( if you’re interested.
in the comic, the main character builds a rocket ship from a cardboard box,

and…well…here’s what i spent today doing

i’m kinda excited about next week.

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ghost tree

my friend Dave has a tree in his garden that looks like it has ghosts on it that have try to find their way to the heavens but got caught on the branches..

i think they should plant these trees in cemeteries

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anatomy 101

so i’ve been working a bunch on some comics recently. mainly on a multiple parter on my tumblr telling the story of getting round to watching Trollhunter, and also a bit on a new thing that i’m doing (which i’m excited about). (this is all i’m showing of it for now.) 

so i thought it could be good to do like an anatomy of a comic type blog post. so here’s how i went about doing a comic i did a couple of months ago.
okay…it started as just a bit of a side thing to fill up some empty space in my sketchbook:

(click these to see them bigger)
then later on i thought this would maybe be good to do up proper. so i marked out some boxes in photoshop and drew some pictures in them.

techy people might be interested to know that when i’m doing computer drawings i used a Wacom Bamboo MTE-450A – which means nothing to me except that it’s a mouse that is shaped like a pen and has blue lights which i assume is indication of the magical properties it holds to allow me to draw pictures on a computer!!!
so next i did some colouring…all in photoshop…

then it’s just a case of adding finishing bits…

and hey presto! comic! ready to post on tumblr….or whatever…

so yeah…it was about here that i realised that there’s not much of a process to making a comic other than 1. thinking of a comic. 2. drawing a comic. but when i’m working in photoshop i tend to draw and colour things on separate layers a lot so as not to disturb stuff, and i really like the look of things like this when you omit certain layers from the finished piece. so when i was doing the mock up images of the comic in its progressive stages, i also saved a couple of extras of it with different layers left out. i guess it’s these that really give the anatomy of the comic and not how it’s made at all…

my tumblr is if you haven’t already had a nosey. Trollhunter’s final installments should be done and up in the next couple of days 🙂 and keep peeled for more news on the exciting thing. i’ll probably blurt it out on twitter soon anyway..

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maybe it’s just brain crack but i this is something i wanna do.
i want to head out. start at the lascaux cave paintings in france and end with universal studios in america and i want to see what happens in between. i want to see the sistine chapel and the van gogh museum, the pyramids and the street art of brasil. and i want to meet people and eat pancakes and discover bands that sing in different languages. and i want to travel with friends and strangers and people who aren’t quite either yet.
and i want to video it, and draw it, and write about it and play it on a guitar…so later i can remember it and share it with anyone curious enough to take an interest.

i think that’s something that would be worth doing.
…and…erm…if you think so too and you happen to have a ton of money lying around that could fund it…you know……

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